Like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, now Kabir Khan turns choreographer in Tubelight for Tinka tinka

It’s rare to see a director choreographing a song in his own film. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is often known to choreograph a song for his films. Now Kabir Khan has done the same for Tinka Tinka, an emotional song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, along with choreographer Shabina Khan in Tubelight.

Shabina who has choreographed says that she and Kabir have both choreographed Tinka Tinka. “I don’t want to take credits for that. More than choreography as such, it’s a story which is going on through the montages of the war, Salman missing Sohail, Salman crying etc. Kabir has done the choreography for the background song jahan pe storyline chal rahi hoti hai, all the happy movements and same locations where Salman is sitting, walking and crying alone, yeh sab director ki gaane hai and as technicians we choreographers, come as part of it. You will see one step of Naach Meri Jaan in Tinka Tinka again and again as that step is very important.”

Like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, now Kabir Khan turns choreographer in Tubelight for Tinka tinka 2

Quiz him about choreographing a song which is making everyone cry and Kabir Khan says, “When it comes to background songs, which are not lip-syncing songs, where we create moments, the director always does those moments. You may call it choreography but I just call it extension of my direction of moments. That is something I have always been doing – even in Bajrangi Bhaijaan all the background songs like Zindagi kuch toh bata do etc were all shot by us because those are moments. I don’t choreograph anything which involves dance movements, that’s done by the choreographers that we hire like Shabina and Remo, but if it’s about creating a moment, yes obviously then as a director I may create them. Maybe that’s what Shabina is talking about it and she said that because a lot of those moments were created when we were shooting other things. We create moments as and when we are shooting and they get spread out over 20-30 days. A choreographer can’t be with us every day.”

Is Tinka tinka the most special song for Kabir in Tubelight? “Tinka Tinka is definitely one of my special songs but another one which we will release this week, Main agar, which is also a very beautiful and emotional song, is also very special for me,” the filmmaker says.

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