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Likely To Marry In 2017….Showbiz Couples Who Might Make It Official In The Coming Year

 2016  was the year  of breakups . Marriages and relationships that we thought were for keeps came apart at the seams. Hopefully 2017 would be the year when more couples would be coming together than drifting apart.Subhash K Jha gives an insider’s lowdown.

  1. Ranveer Singh-Deepika PadukoneRelationship  status: Their relationship is rock-solid, careless whispers of differences and, ha ha,a rift notwithstanding. Ranveer, say friends, is “madly deliriously in love.” So’s Deepika , but she is not demonstrative. That’s a problem for Ranveer who wears his heart on the sleeve. Also there is the big issue of time management. Singh and Padukone seldom got together time in 2016. For a  major part  of the year he was shooting Paris with Adi Chopra and she was shooting with Vin Diesel. Luckily, Ranveer and Chopra were only seeing one another on the sets. Marital possibilities: mutual friends say, fair to high. Ranveer’s family adores Deepika and Deepika’s parents and sister dote on Ranveer.If left to Ranveer he  would drop everything and marry Deepika. But she has her career. She is no .1 . It takes a heart of steel to tamper with that level of stardom.
  2. Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli: Relationship Status: this one is tricky.The couple has to deal with two kinds of fan frenzy and hostility. While Virat is not seen to be as invasive in Anushka’s career , Anushka’s presence during Virat’s matches has been openly criticized and  viciously trolled. In fact last year this handsome couple decided to call it quits. But better sense prevailed and the duo is back together.Shramila Tagore who has been through similar on-field distrust from her cricketer-husband Pataudi’s fans when they were seeing one another ,advises Anushka to just do what her heart tells her. Says Sharmila, “When I was dating  Pataudi girlfriends and wives were not allowed to accompany cricketers and watch cricket matches.But I did go to England to watch him, though I couldn’t go to watch him in Australia.It’s really up to the individual what he or she wants to do. No one is distracting anyone by being there for a loved on.Look at the crowds! They are so distracting, with their constant clapping, screaming and shouting. But once a player out there his concentration is absolute.On one or two occasions it was believed that I was somehow responsible for his poor performance. It is widely believed that if you are an actor or a cricketer from a privileged background then you’re pampered spoilt and an attention seeker .So it was believed that I’d say things like. ‘Oh if you’re playing tomorrow let’s go out today.’ As if it was all about me and not  the game of cricket.As if I didn’t understand the gravity of the the game. These are are perceptions. One shouldn’t allow them to ruin your happiness. If one wants to go watch someone close to oneself play, then one should do so.”  Marriage Possibilities: friends from the cricketing world say 50-50. Apparently Mr Kohli wants Anushka to become  a full-time wife after marriage. With her career doing exceptionally well why would she give it up even for love? There is a difference between playing a woman in love in Sultan who sacrifices her career for marriage, and being in love in real life.
  3. VarunDhawan-Natasha Dalal: So far Varun Dhawan has desisted from even acknowledging his girlfriend as ….well, his girlfriend.  Or even her existence. When asked about being seen with her Varun jokes that’s his twin  being seen with the lady. Looks like promotion for Judwaa 2 has already started. On a more serious note, Varun and his lady love attended Anil Kapoor’’s 60th birthday bash in London recently. An eyewitness from the bash says, “They’re very much together and we all could see how much in love they are. Natasha is not from a film family and hence shy of  the media and public glare. But they are definitely getting married.” Marriage possibilities in 2017: very strong.Apparently Ms Dalal wants marriage or nothing.
  4. Alia Bhatt-Siddharth Malhotra: For all practical purposes it seems these two ‘in love’ people are on on the verge of drifting apart. They are young. They are driven. They would rather explore the world than be tied down to one relationship. Marriage possibilities: nil.
  5. SalmanKhan-Lulia Vantur:  Cultural differences threaten to force this couple apart. In 2016 Salman nearly surrendered to the temptation of tying the knot. According to a friend of Salman, “They nearly called it quits in 2016. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t become a part of Salman’s family. But I think they’re giving it another try.” Marriage possibilities: vague to uncertain.



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