Lip Sing Battle Hits Rock-Bottom Of Home Entertainment

We often wonder why we get into situations that turn  out to be so embarrassing  for all concerned that we want to be anywhere else but at the appointed place of mortification.

Such thoughts must have passed through the minds of Farah Khan’s guests this weekend on Star Plus new cretinous concoction Lip Sing Battle.  On the two episodes on Saturday and Sunday evening I saw Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Kapoor, Karan  Johar, Parineeti Chopra , Preity Zinta and  other bigwigs(they all are big and they had to wear wigs) make  a bigger fool of themselves than they have in their entire career so  far.

Acha chalo, Farhan had to undergo this face-palm torture for Farah’s sake. She is  his cousin,  you know. The things one has  to  do for family…oof!  But why did Karan Johar get into this utterly inane vacuous and retarded show whose target audience seems to be kindergarten students of no exceptional  intellectual abilities?

Doesn’t Karan Johar have enough problems to deal with?Or is he missing Koffee With Karan so much that he’s willing to settle Faltugiri With Farah?

There was a lot of  whooping and screaming   going on the show. Perhaps the noise was meant to hide the complete absence  of a sense  of direction  or even a  basic  intelligence in the presentation. Everyone kept  dancing and singing  to vintage songs in completely unconvincing disguises.And not  one dance that could be called referential or  engaging.Clumsiness seems to be the brief for all the concerned.

Worst  of the lot was Ali Asgar who was hijacked from Kapil Sharma’s show. He was obnoxious to the  point  of being unbearable.Asgar who is a very fine comic talent should know just by wrapping a saree around one’s rotund belly  one can’t generate humour.

There seems to be no writer on board for  this homage to nepotism in the  entertainment industry. Would  Farhan & Co have agreed to be on this trashy show  if it wasn’t hosted by Farha Khan?

Though there is nothing even remotely funny about the show I am sure Kangana Ranaut is laughing really hard.

Rating: ½ star


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