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Little Sunny Pawar Nominated For Best Actor For Australian Award!



 Dev Patel Is Nominated For Best Supporting Actor(Ouch)

By now  it is common knowledge that  young Sunny Pawar who played the childhood version of Dev Patel’s character in  Garth Davis’  Lion  , completely outshone the older actor.

Most critics have gone as far as  to suggest that Lion would not have worked without little Sunny’s ‘Pawar’-house performance.

As  though to endorse this  view the 7th Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards(AACTA) to be held in Sydney has nominated the 8-year old  child prodigy for  the Best Lead Actor alongside seasoned  Australian  troupers Osamah Sami, Stephen Curry and Ewen Leslie.

To add insult to injury Dev Patel who is  the actual leading man of Lion  has been nominated for Best  Supporting Actor.

A source  from the film’s core team says, “All through the journey of Lion,  it is Sunny Pawarwho has stolen the limelight from the entire cast including Nicole  Kidman and Dev Patel. He is easily the star of the show.”

Sadly no one seems  to have invited little Sunny to Sydney to partake  of this great honour.For all practical purposes his moment  of glory has now ended. We do hope he doesn’t join Darsheel Safary in becoming a one-film wonder.

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