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Lockdown Brings Katrina & Vicky Kaushal Closer

If  sources  are to be believed , Katrina  Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are now close to  taking their  friendship  to  the  next  level. Apparently during the  lockdown they’ve  been spending a  lot of time  conversing and getting to know  one another.

Mutual  friends  say  the  one good thing that has  come out of the Coronova  is that the  couple who  were  becoming  fond of one  another are now sure  of  their  mutual feelings.

“Vicky and Katrina have been spending a lot of time  speaking and getting to know one another. Their friendship is  now on firm ground and in  fact the two are sure of  their  mutual  feelings,” says  the source , adding that it is doubtful  whether  this couple will come  out  in public since they are “very  private” people.

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But one  hears a  visit to one  another’s parents is  on the cards.


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