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LOL Hasse Toh Phasee A Slur On Comedy



LOL Hasse Toh Phasee A Slur On Comedy 4

Lol- Hasse Toh Phasse(Amazon Series)

Rating: *

 It is   appalling to see  such an impressive linup of comic performers– Sunil Grover, Mallika Dua, Kusha Kapila, Gaurav Gera, Cyrus Broacha, Suresh Menon, Aakash Gupta, Aadar Malik, Aditi Mittal, and Ankita Shrivastav—being given such  woefully poor  lines to mouth  on a  show that aims to  tickle  our funnybones.

LOL Hasse To Phasse is  as funny as  molar surgery .My first reaction on seeing the…errr… jokes  on the show was: is this  a joke? Seriously, guys,  do you  really think any  of this  is funny?

The  basic  premise itself  should have been shot down at  the board meeting where  supposedly enlightened  people  sit and decide the content.This is  what they came up with?! A  bunch of well-known  comic performers put in a Bigg Boss  kind of  house (the décor is  hideous by the way, nothing tasteful  about the  series  from the word  go)are  supposed to  favour the  grim instead  of  the grin.

In other  words  no matter how tempted they are to laugh at the antics of their  colleagues they musn’t laugh. Because if they do, they are  disqualified.

Watta joke! Forget the brains. Where is the challenge in this?  To not laugh at these peejays  is the easiest thing  in the world. The gags  on the show with Gaurav Gera gagging over his girlie act, Sunil Grover doing some  vague ‘Crower’ skit that has him looking as lost as a crow in a water  fountain,Akash Gupta being told by Gera  to take off his  pants(I kid you  not)…what is  so difficult  about not laughing?

 The worst  of the  lot is Mallika Dua . Her  Behuda Baby  act is  so behuda(obnoxious) as to offend even the most thick-skinned liberal. She talks about a ‘lockdown’ jahan  par tumhare  jaise launde  nahin pachuchte…

By this  point my cringe reaction had turned  into nausea. To see  such talented  comics being reduced to  this  kind of humiliatingly humid humour is a criminal  offence. I  strongly protest  against  this  unnerving attack on good taste and I hope and pray that Amazon has  the  good sense to withdraw this  junk ‘feud’ for  the masses where a bunch of intelligent comics pretend to squabble while hosts  Boman  Irani and  Arshad Warsi pretend  to be amused.We can’t even pretend  to be entertained.

 What  could have prompted Irani and Arshad to be part of something so  insufferably  crass and  pointless?  What  could  have prompted Amazon to invest in this mess of mythical mirth?  Why are we  even talking about it?

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