Loveratri, Nepotism At Its Worst


Saala, yeh to actor ban gaya! Thanks to brother-in-law Salman Khan, his sister’s husband Ayush Sharma is now an actor in a film which goes by the silly title of Loveratri.

Everyone has the right to choose his profession.And If Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Ayush Sharma has chosen to an actor, so be it. If you have such a powerful Saala why can’t you try for stardom?Bhai’s fanatics will surely make his bro-in-law’s debut a success. Nobody dare say a word against Mr Sharma or the film. Bhai will get upset.

Sadly the trailer doesn’t show Ayush Sharma in a very favourable or flattering light. He plays a distant cousin to Shah Rukh Khan’s Raj in Dilwale Dulhaniua Le Jayenge whose father(Ram Kapoor, looking oh-so-pleased with himself) urges Beta to go get the girl of his dreams, no matter what it takes.

Rememember Anupam Kher’s pep talk to SRK ? Okay, so being derivative is the least of the worries in Loveratri. My main concern, as I am sure it must be for the entire Khan parivar, is how much of star is visible in the trailer?

The answer is, not much . Ayush Sharma has a pleasant demeanour .But not the kind that explodes on the screen. He lacks connectivity with the audience, so much so that even his vacuous co-star Warina Hussain comes off more positively in comparison.

Making things worse for the two debutants is the trite over-familiar ghisa-pita plot about a Gujarati boy who woos an NRI girl and must win her over before she leaves after the festive Navratri season. An actor of Ronit Roy is reduced to snarling in a corner as his screen-daughter’s lover-beau puts him in his place,

By the time Ayush Sharma’s two doting brothers-in-law Arbaaz and Sohail showed up in the trailer as a couple of comic cops exchanging brainless banter , the circle of nepotism was blissfully completed.

Now that we’ve seen what’s in store I am dreading this year’s Navratri season.

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