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Maati Baani’s Heal The World  Breaks The Internet



To record Michael Jackson’s imperishable  track Heal The World with more than 40 child musical prodigies from across the world is not an easy task.


But Kartik Shah and his wife Nirali the duo calling themselves  Maati Baani(meaning, the voice of the soil) have done  it from their one-room studio in Versova Mumbai. Their version of MJ’s immortal number sung by over 40 exceptionally talented musical prodigies  from across the world shows how music can make our wounded civilization healed and healthy.


Kartik is dazed by the response to the song. “The children are from 20 countries.All sharp enthusiastic  and vastly talented singers and musicians.My wife Nirali and I feel they are destined for glory and greatness.”


And what better start than Michael Jackson’s ballad of healing and nurturing?


Says Kartik, “So far Maati Baani, that’s my wife and I, had never done a cover version. We decided when we do a cover it would have to be something as influential as Michael Jackson’s song. We are both his fans .Who isn’t?!”


Then comes the stunner of  a revelation: “We didn’t meet even one of the children personally. All these amazing wonderful exceptionally talented kids singing and playing instruments recorded bits of the song in different parts of the world. So in a sense our ‘Heal The World’ is truly a  song about bringing the world together  on theinternet.”


The experience has been cathartic nurturing and nourishing for Kartik and Nirali.  “We couldn’t believe there was so much talent in so many kids from so many different parts of the world. For example there is a 6-year old girl who sings only sonatas. Then there is little Sparsh Shah who suffers from the brittle-bones disease but insists on travelling all over to sing with his parents’ support.”


The video on the making of ‘Heal The World’ with all these talented children has been delayed only becauseSparsh Shah’s portion has not been included in the video showing all the kids recording the number.


“When we release the video of ‘Heal The World’ featuring these little musical prodigies, it would become apparent for the world to see how difficult and yet how easy it was to record with these amazing children, whom we call our remote collaborators, on Skype. They would wake us up at unearthly hours from all corners of the world to talk about the songs. We loved their eagerness and joy. We’ve learnt so  much from these children.It has been amazing journey for both of us,”

Next, a rocking fun song featuring senior citizens from across the world.

“We have discovered the huge power of internet to bring the world together through music, and we intend to continue the journey,” says Kartik.

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