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Madhavan At 51, “I Don’t Feel Older”

Madhavan Is Much Better, Looks Forward To Resuming  Work

Tamil-Hindi heartthrob RMadhavan turns 51 today on June 1. He has flown to Dubai for the special day to be with his wife Sarita and sonVedant.

For the actor who started  28 years  ago in the  game-changing  series Banegi Apni Baat  when  Indian television was  yet to find its legs, Madhavan retains a remarkably fresh  and  virginal  attitude  to life and his work.  And youth is  not a gift to Madhavan from the  gym.

He laughs, I  honestly dont feel  51. I guess it comes  from a positive attitude to  my work, family , everything. I  dont allow any negativity  in my life. You wont see me moping over a  flop  or preening  over  a hit.

Sarita his one and only wife  of 22 years,  is his anchor and  best friend(besides  you of  course, he reminds  when referring to his  wife as his  BFF) . How  has  he  managed a  rocksteady marriage  in the entertainment industry where the Hammer falls on an Armie   of  couples?

Ha , good one. Sarita would  kill me  if I strayed. How do I  avoid temptation? With  a nice cold shower, he  quips.

 As for this  birthday his second during lockdown Maddy says, Honestly. Im keeping it really really low and just having dinner with my Sarita  and Vedant.I wish my parents were here  with us in Dubai. But hey, Im being  greedy.God has  given me  so much. Even during these tough times my family is  safe and healthy,touchwood.I couldnt ask for more. We just pray for a lot of peace around the world.Hopefully  my next  birthday would be pandemic-free.

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 As  for  turning  51 Madhavan  says, I dont feel any older and I dont have any qualms about growing older either.I  know it sounds clichd, but I genuinely  feel  you are as young  or old as you feel.I think Ive a perfect  life. I  remember when my first  Hindi  film Rehna Hai Terre Dil Mein had released  I  had told you  I wished it  was as  big a  hit as  Hrithik Roshans Kaho Na Pyar Hai. Today I am proud of every film that Ive done and wouldnt change  or exchange a  thing.If I had  a chance to go back and change anything in my life, Id change  absolutely nothing.

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