Madhavan Explains Why He Won’t Do A Remake Of Vikram Veda

If rumors within the Hindi film industry are to be believed then the Tamil-Hindi actor Madhavan has said a firm no to the Hindi remake of his Tamil blockbuster Vikram Veda.

Here is why Madhavan haven’t agreed.

Says Madhavan, “Doing a remake just doesn’t excite me. It’s like traveling down the same road twice when I’d rather travel a new road each time. Also, I just don’t think I can put in the same amount of energy again in the story.”

The actor who has said no to remakes in the past, notably the remake of Mani Ratnam’s Tamil Alai Payuthe which went to Vivek Oberoi, feels a remake has the power to go forward only when it’s helmed by a fresh team and cast.

“We did what we had to with Vikram Veda. Now it’s time to let it go into the big wide world,” sighs Maddy dramatically.

Madhavan is excited by the new phase in his career. “We are seeing the gradual demolition of the lines that divide Bollywood and non-Bollywood films. The language and format of storytelling is unlimited.”

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