Madhavan On Why He Plays A Villain  In A Telugu Film

The new  Telugu release Savyasachi  has surprised  Andhra and Telangana’s  audiences  with the strong presence of  Tamil cinema’s  iconic actor R  Madhavan.

 Madhavan has so far done only Tamil and Hindi film. What  prompted him to do  a Telugu film and that  too in a negative role?

“The  role,what else? It was a fabulous role.  Though my character enters  the  picture mid-way, my introduction  into the plot had me hooked. And  the  enthusiasm that  I felt in Andhra Pradesh when I  went there  to finalize the Telugu version  of  my  bio-pic on  the  space scientist Nambi Naraynan, clinched the matter. I was  told I had no idea about my fan-following inAndhra.Now I do,” laughs Madhavan  softly.

His entry into  the  film is greeted with  loud applause in Andhra.

Madhavan is pleasantly surprised, “I had no  idea I’d be received so well in my first Telugu film. Now of course there  isRocketry The  Nambi Effect where I will be  speaking  my own lines in Telugu  for the first time. I  learnt the language for my character in Savyasachi . But they had  to dub  my voice finally. But for the  Nambi bio-pic I will be speaking Telugu in  my own voice.”

Madhavan says he  enjoyed  his first  stint  in  Telugu cinema. “I had never  spoken in Telugu and I had never played a  negative  character.  It was a new experience  for me. I am certainly open to doing more Telugu  films.”

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