Madhavan Turns 46: “I Couldn’t Be Happier”

Madhavan spent his 46th birthday on Wednesday doing what he likes best: playing golf with his wife Sarita and 11-year old son Vedant.

Says the actor happily, “The three of us drove down to one of Pune’s best golf courses to play on my birthday.We had ourselves a ball.”

Both Maddy and his wife Sarita are golf pros. And now their 11-year old son Vedant is also mastering golf.

“He  plays a very good game, if I may say so myself.Is he as good as me? Not yet,” says the proud father.

Earlier during the week  Madhavan was in Delhi to anchor the Narendra Modi show to commemorate the completion of two years of the government.

Says Maddy, “Normally I stay away from all political activities. But this was special. I truly believe that Mr Modiis doing exemplary work specially for the girl child in rural areas. With the building of toilets in rural India  the BJP government has fulfilled a long-existent lacuna in rural India.”

On the career friend after working his butt off to play the retired boxer in Saala Khadoos Maddy is all set to do another film in Tamil and Hindi.

“Life couldn’t get any better.I’ve a happy family life . My son is growing into a very fine chap. And I’m on the way to re-inventing my career.At 46 I feel I’ve just begun.”


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