Madhu Mantena Gets Anand Kumar, Hrithik Roshan Together

 The bio-pic Super 30 on ‘mage-mathician’  Anand  Kumar is  ready for a July release. And the film’s  promotion  promises  to be  as  interesting as  the  film, if not more.

Producer Madhu Mantena has  convinced  Hrithik and  his screen alter-ego  Anand  to promote the  film together.

Says a source close to the development, “This  is  the  first time for a  bio-pic that that the real and reel  character  would be promoting a  film together. At first Anand was  not willing to share  the platform with  a superstar  . It  seemed to him that  being seen with Hrithik would make  him Anand look star-struck. But Mantena convinced Anand  that  the audience would  love them together and would be more excited  about seeing the  film after they see the real and onscreen avatars  of  Anand Kumar together.”

When quizzed Anand  Kumar said, “Who can say no to Madhu Mantena? He  is  such  a generous  and  kind-hearted producer. I’m going by his  gut feeling in  every aspect  of  Super  30.”

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