Mahanati To Be Dubbed Into Hindi By Aditya Chopra?

Not many people know this. But the super-reclusive producer-director Aditya Chopra loves to watch films in every language, preferably with the ticket-paying public.

A close friend of the exilic enigmatic director reveals, “Adi shuns all the offers to have private screenings for him as he feels he cannot get a proper feel of the audiences’ reaction unless he’s part of the public. He slips in quietly for a regular show when a movie starts, makes hand-written notes during the screening and slips out before he is recognized.”

The latest film to get the Adi-treatment is the new Tamil-Telugu blockbuster Mahanti . Adi Chopra saw the film on Tuesday and apparently loved it.

“He has shown interest in acquiring the dubbing rights of the film. Adi Chopra feels the film should reach out to a pan-India audience. He would’ve loved to remake it into Hindi. But it’s a film that renders itself well only in the Tamil-Telugu cultural context,”says a source.

Says the film’s co-producer Priyanka Gupta, “We are definitely looking at a pan-India audience for Mahanati. And yes, dubbing the film into Hindi is definitely one of the options. We are exploring various possibilities.”

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