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Maharashtrian To Cycle 2,000 Miles In Honour Of Sonu Sood



Maharashtrian To Cycle 2,000 Miles In Honour Of Sonu Sood 10

Sonu Sood may have been missing from the list of Padma awardees. But his reputation as  the messiah   of the masses grows with each passing day.Fans and admirers  continue to shower their  reverence  for this  do-gooder in  unique  ways.The latest entrant into the  Sonu Sood  fan club is a  cyclist Narayan Kisanlal  Vyas  from Washim in Maharashtra who  will  in his own words, “Ride for the Real  Hero Of India” for 2,000 kms from Central  India to the Ram Setu in Tamil Naidu.

Says  the  hero-worshipping cyclist, “I have been cycling for the last five years covering many long tours across the country for social and national cause.I  cycled  from  Washim Maharastra  to Wagha Border 1800 km  in 9 days. I have also done the famous Brevet cycling events having peddled maximum kms in minimum hours.From 7 feb to 14 feb I will be on a journey of 2000 kms starting from Washim Maharashtra to Ramsetu (The last land of India)The route of the jouney is Washim – Hyderabad – Bangalore-Madurai- Ramsetu. This ride is dedicated to you, Sonu  sir.”

Overwhelmed Sony Sood says, “Every day I am rewarded  beyond my wildest dreams for  doing something that  I enjoy. By helping people I’m only doing what each one  of us should do,specially  in these trying times. To have  Narayan  Kisanlal Vyas cycle  for 2,000 kilometers  for me is the biggest  award I can ever get. I  am humbled.”

Narayan  Kisanlal Vyas’ journey in honour of Sonu Sood on 7 February.

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