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Mahesh Babu Explains Who Turns Producer With The Real-Life War-Hero Bio-Pic Major Explains To Subhash K Jha



Your fans have much reason to rejoice . You have turned producer with Major. What prompted you to turn producer

First of all I am not  an active  producer . Our  production house GMB  Entertainment  is managed by a very efficient team. Having said  that, let me  say I  love cinema and all forms of it !! Some stories need to be told and not all can have me in them.

Wouldn’t you have  liked to play Major Sandeep Krishnan?

 It would have been  an honour to do so.Major is a biopic based on our national hero Sandeep Uunni Krishnan and Adivi  Sesh has been travelling with his story for a long time and he fits the bill completely .I am looking forward to seeing Adivi in  the film .

In the meanwhile you are all set to unleash your new starrer  Maharshi on your fans . Tell us about what we can expect from you this time?

Maharshi is a film very close to my heart and we all have worked very hard on it .It will be a landmark film in my slate .

Telugu cinema is no longer regarded as regional  how much extra work has gone into Maharshi in making the end product of international caliber ?

I  work hard on all my films and give it more than 100 percent each time .Our team of technicians strives to make it feel and look its best .We  leave  nothing to chance.

 How have you managed  to look 30 for the last ten years?

I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow a discipline where my food and exercise are concerned .Positive  thinking, positive  living, nothing more than that .

You are regarded as the most iconic star of Telugu cinema . What is next on your anvil ?

I would like to say that politics was never  meant for me and I don’t understand it either . And I stay far away from it .We have able and strong and competent leaders who are doing a fantastic job running our states and country .I would never want to change that !! I love acting and simply love my job and this is what I’m best at !! I wouldn’t change it for anyone or anything .

Your  closing thoughts?

I would like to thank all my fans and well wishers who have shown me so much love and affection time and again and am always grateful .I am who I am because  of  the support I get  from my family and  fans.

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