Mahesh Babu & Family Holiday In Europe As His Film Acquires Blockbuster Status


Telugu matinee idol Mahesh Babu is currently in Europe holidaying with his wife Namrata and his two children Gautham and Sitara.

Back home his latest release Bharath Ane Nenu continues to smash records. At the last count it had already touched 200 crores in India alone, and growing by the day.

Speaking from Europe Mahesh Babu says he was always confident of the product. “I had great confidence in the script and in Siva ‘ s capability as a director .We knew we had a winning combination. We simply didn’t how big it could be.Now it’s clear and we’re all happy.”

Analyzing the reasons why Bharat Ane Nenu seems to have connected so strongly with the public Mahesh Babu says, “There are many reasons, I would think, why the film has made such a strong impact on audiences’ hearts and minds.There are several social issues of today that are touched very broadly in this movie .Like the traffic congestion which plagues every commuter in every city, big or small.Likewise the issue of private schools and their exorbitant fees structure . Then there is electorate’s demand for local governance which our film raises.Most people would relate to these issues in their daily lives .In the film we try to offer a solution to these burning issues.”

Mahesh also feels that the film doesn’t fall into the trap of excess preaching. “Entertainment was our predominant motive. The way commercialism is brought into the film with the Rayalseema fight sequence is one of the highlights which the people are enjoying .There are quite a few things that audiences have liked.”

Mahesh’s future projects will ensure there is ample entertainment over-riding the social message. “They(the audiences) want good entertainment value for their money spent and the audiences are not willing to settle for anything less.This means we have to make sure we bring to them content- driven films.”

Asked if there are plans to remake Bharat Ane Nenu in Hindi and Mahesh Babu smiles. “Right now we are very happy with the way it’s worked out for us here in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.The collections in Andhra and Telangana are about 202 cr

​ore ​rupees till now.We couldn’t have asked for more.”

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