Mahesh Babu Gets An Offer From Allu Arvind

In what could be seen as a significant merger of two of the biggest film families of Andhra, producer Allu Arvind has offered Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu a film.

This collaborative move, so far only whispered about, is now confirmed by a source close to the development.Shocking to hear,since Allu has a superstar in his son Allu Arjun in the family.

Why would Allu Arvind want to work with Mahesh Babu when he has a star at home?This is the question being asked by those in the know of this unexpected development.

The source says, “There is something unpleasant brewing within Allu Arvind’s family. There are ruptures , fissures and differences within the family. And we hear Allu Arvid wants to let his family know he can work, and work successfully, with a superstar outside the family fold.”

Mahesh Babu’s response to the unexpected offer is apparently non-committal.

Says a source, “Mahesh Babu is the last person who would get into Allu Arvind’s family politics. He has been approached with an offer. But no script, nothing concrete. If he likes the subject he will consider it.”

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