Mahesh Babu Meets 106-Year Old Fan

When  family members of 106-year  old Relangi Satyavati Garu came  on a local  television channel in Andhra Pradesh  to  let the world know the  old lady’s last wish,Mahesh babu’s team quickly  geared  into action.

 The lady’s last wish was to meet her favourite hero  Mahesh Babu whose films she has watched  over and over again ever since he made his debut as child actor in 1979.

And Mahesh Babu’s team made  it happen at Ramaji Rao Studio this week.

Says a  source from Mahesh Babu’s team, “When  Mahesh Sir was informed about the  fan he immediately asked his team to arrange  for the travel of the old lady and her family to  Hyderabad  so he could spend time  with her. Mahesh Sir met her for  a few hours,  sat with her spoke to her about her life  and  family, held her hand and  told her she’s like  a mother to him.”

Apparently the lady  now feels her life is complete.

Says  Mahesh Babu’s team member, “She said  Mahesh Sir was like the moon in his looks and  she called him the  CM after  having seen him play the  role in Bharat Ane Nenu. She said she can now die in peace and go to heaven.”

When  contacted to comment on the experience of meeting his oldest and staunchest fan, Mahesh Babu sais, “Fans are very special. I try never to break their heart.To me meeting this lady was  important as she’s so aged. Believe me, I was  happier that  I met her than she was to have  met me.”

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