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Mahesh Babu Says “Well-Wishers Make My Birthday Special” As He Leaves  For Goa With Family



It is a Goa birthday for Telugu cinema’s biggest superstar Mahesh Babu. On Thursday morning after releasing the first look of his new film entitled Maharshi, Mahesh Babu left for Goa with his wife Namrata Shirodkar and two children Gautam and Sitara.

When asked about the special activities planned in Goa for the special day Mahesh Babu replied shyly, “Nothing special, as I will be shooting for Maharshi. I will just be with family and some close friends.”

Mahesh likes to be out of Hyderabad for his birthday, a day when fans well-wishers drop in at his residence any time with their good wishes.

“It is fans who make my birthday special. However, the volume of well-wishers gets overwhelming. So I like to be out of the country for most of my birthdays. However, of late I’ve been in Hyderabad for my birthdays as my son’s school is open and we can’t afford to let him miss classes for a birthday which in any case is like any other day.
Ask Mahesh the secret of his Peter Pan looks at 43, and he smiles, “Positive thinking, healthy eating, correct hours of sleep and a family to  support you through all your dreams and nightmares.”

One never sees Mahesh being anything but extremely proper in his public conduct. Doesn’t he ever wish to let go?

“Of course I let go when I am with my family. In public, one has to be very careful about one’s conduct specially when one has an example to set. If you have been given some amount of fame it means it comes to you with a purpose. One has to make sure one is doing the right things and making the right moves so that the people around are happy and comfortable. For a public figure setting the right example is not just a moral obligation it is an ethical compulsion,” says Mahesh Babu.

At the stroke of midnight on Thursday as Mahesh Babu’s birthday was ushered in the poster of his new film Maharshi was released. Earlier the first teaser-poster of the film had been released by Mahesh Babu’s adorable little daughter Sitara and the director Vamsi’s daughter Adhya. The two little girls unveiled the film’s logo a week back. Thereafter every single day one alphabet in the name of the character Rishi being played by Mahesh Babu in Maharshi was released.

Watch the teaser here:

Maharshi addresses the rights and wrongs of the farming community in Andhra.

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