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Mahesh Babu Speaks To Subhash K Jha About The National Award And Life During The Pandemic



Mahesh Babu 

.Congratulations to you for   your film Maharshi winning a National award?

Thank you! Good cinema is always a winner and I feel  Maharshi totally deserved it. Thanks to my director Vamshi  Paidipally for crafting such a powerful message that would resonate with the audience. During these  harsh times at last we had some thing  to feel happy about.

Are  awards  important to you even now after winning  so many?

Of course they  are  important! Specially the  National award. It means the world   when the hard work and team effort is recognized.

Do you think cinema can change society?

I believe cinema can be a catalyst for social change and as an actor, I consider it a great opportunity to be able to bring the right message to the audience.I am  not saying  I will only be part  of films with a social  message. Entertainment is the primary function of cinema. But as actors  with voices  that are  heard, we have a  responsibility towards  our fans.

Tell me  about  your next project?

My next project is Sarkaru Vaari Paata. I’m thoroughly enjoying the shooting process and working with a new team.

What  is  your take  on the pandemic?

The pandemic is all around us,  which means  we should not take things for granted. The  Covid is far  from gone. It is  here to stay  for a while. I urge  people to be  vigilant all the  time. Wear your mask, sanitize and continue to follow the Covid guidelines  . We have to fight this together and we will emerge victorious.

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