Mahesh Babu’s Bharath Ane Nenu To Be Dubbed Into Hindi , Director Confirms


WhenShekharKapoor opinedafter chairing the National Film Awards jury that there was no such thing as regional cinema any longer, he hadnt seen the newMaheshBabustarrerBharathAneNenu,a wish-fulfillmentparable on anew political awakening which has already earnedmore than 70croresover the first weekend.

And growing stronger by the idea.

The elateddirectorKoratalaSiva is over the moon. We always knew our film will strikea chord among the masses. Indian politics has hit an all-time low in many places. There is widespread disillusionment with the people we elect to represent us in parliament. Why is there no accountability in governance? This is what bothered me when Igot down to writingBharathAneNenu,says Siva whosefour Telugu films so far(Mirchiin 2013,Srimanthuduin 2015,JanathaGaragein 2016 and nowBharathAneNenu) reveal a very high level ofspcialcommitment.

Promise, saysSiva , wasthe key to theplot inBharathAneNenu.When politicians are elected into public offices, they take an oath to serve the peoplewethepeople for thepeople by thepeoplebut the promiseis soon broken.Why???Here wasmy protagonist who thinks promisesare sacred. This gentlemans word ,whether given in his childhood to his mother or to Mother India in hismaturity , isnever to be broken. The promise was the key to my film.
MaheshBabuwasthefirst and only choiceto play the enlightened sophisticated Chief Minister.

Says Siva, I wanted an actor who canplay a politician who is heard without shouting, whom everybody listensto when hetalks although henever raises his voice.Someone whocouldbe assertive without getting unnecessarily aggressive. No onefitted the bill exceptMaheshBabu. Heissoftspokenand yetpersuasive. He isexactlylike theChief Minister heplays inmy film. I cant imagine making thisfilm withoutMaheshBabuasBharath.

And now , so powerful is the impact ofMaheshBabuspoliticiansact thatthe directorKoratalaSivaisnow seriously toying withthe ideaofa sequel. I have neverliked pr entertained the idea of doing sequelsor remakes. There areso many fresh stories to be told. But the story of the Chief MinisterBharathis too relevant and too pervasive to beforsaken. The countryneeds apolitical change.Bharathrepresents that change.

Immediate plans forBharatAneNenuare somewhat radical.

Reveals the directorKoratalaSiva, Seeing the impact of the films political message we are now planning todub thefilm intoother Indian languages including Hindi.We shouldve done this fromthe start. We shouldve known thatthe cravingto seea new political awakening is pan-India.We are takingthefilm to other partsofIndiaapart fromAndhra.We feel thepolitical messageof thecountry is relevant toevery Indian.

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