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Mahesh Babu‘s Film Will Be The Last Shot In Kashmir For A While



You could say it   got away  in the nick of time. Mahesh  Babu’s next  project  Sarileru Neekevvaru was  shot in  July in Kashmir.

“We wrapped  up the Kashmir schedule just  days  before Article 370  was scrapped. God knows what the situation is in the Valley now.I hope the people are safe. The Kashmiris are  such lovely gracious warm and hospitable  people,” says  Mahesh Babu’s better-half Namrata Shirodkarwho had joined her husband with  their two  children   during his Kashmir schedule  of  Sarileru Neekevvaru.

“In fact we  celebrated  our daughter Sitara’s birthday in Kashmir. Those  days  that  I spent in Kashmir  with Mahesh  and  the children  were sheer magic. I  will never forget them.  We’re planning another  holiday, this time without work, in Kashmir as soon the situation normalizes  there, “ says Namrata.

She rates Kashmir as her  favourite holiday spot. “I was stunned  by the natural beauty  of  the Valley. Kashmir  beats  the Swiss Alps by a wide margin.In fact Kashmir is more beautiful than any luxury destination that  I’ve visited. Why do we go the the Alps and Gstaad to enjoy mountain and snow?  There’s no place as beautiful as Kashmir anywhere  in   the world.  No wonder a poet described  it as heaven on earth. It is! There’s no exaggeration  in  that  description.”

Namrata  wishes communication and  transportation  into  the Valley would  get better. “It is really unfortunate  that so far our  accessibility  into Kashmir was curtailed and limited. Would  you believe I had  never been to Kashmir until  my husband shot for  Sarileru Neekevvaru  . Not even to shoot  any of my own films.Now I want to go back  again with Mahesh and  the  children as soon as  possible.”

Sarileru Neekevvaru would  probably  be  the last  film to be  shot in Kashmir for while.

Says Namrata, “That seems sadly true.  I remember so  many lovely films were  shot in Kashmir , right  from Kashmir  Ki Kali  to Mission Kashmir  and  even recently  Raazi. Mahesh shot for  the  film in Kashmir without  any disturbance whatsoever. The  entire  security  infrastructure and the local people co-operated  fully and ensured the shooting went smoothly.We  need  to  return to Kashmir  and show the world  it is still paradise  on earth minus the sound of gun shots and explosions.”

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