Mahesh Babu’s  Multiplex Theatre To Open With Rajinikanth’s 2:0

Telugu matinee idol Mahesh Babu is going into the multiplex-theatre  business. According  to sources  very close to MaheshBabu,  the Cineplex in Hyderabad  which will be part  of  the biggest mall in Asia, is being  constructed in partnership with Asian Cinemas,  one  of the  primary  multiplex chain/brands in Andhra Pradesh.

The  Cineplex  named  AMB which is  an acronym  for Asian Cinemas and Mahesh Babu,  is most  likely to be  inaugurated  in December. The  opening  film will be Shankar’s sci-fi spectacle 2:0.

The swanky AMB multiplex was to open in November. However  it was stopped at  the last minute  due to redtapism.

“There are  jealous elements  trying to delay the  project.That’s why the opening was pushed to December,” says the  source  close  to Mahesh Babu.

Says  the source, “At the moment Mahesh Babu is a creative partner in the project.AMB is a one-off partnership-project between Mahesh Babu and Asian Cinemas. But  if  the multiplex is a success, Mahesh Babu is open to further partnerships  in the  movie-theatre  business.However at  the moment, the AMB multiplex is  a one-off  project. Though  it’s being reported that Mahesh  Babu is looking at expanding in  the multiplex business this not  the truth at the moment. ”

The  posh AMB  Cineplex is looking at a “premium placement” among  movie theatres in  Hyderabad.

“Mahesh Babu’s fans should feel they are in for a special  treat when they come to AMB,” says a source.

For  the opening film 2: 0 Mahesh wll personally invite Rajinikanth andAkshay  Kumar at  the theatre.

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