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Mahesh Bhatt Flung A Chappal at Kangana Ranaut?



The film industry has had just about enough of Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli’s rants. Alia Bhatt is being targeted by the Ranaut sisters almost every day.Day before yesterday it was Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan. Yesterday it was Randeep Hooda who was targeted.

Now it’s Mahesh Bhatt who apparently threw a chappal at Kangana, and that too at very public place, the premiere of that Bhatts’ production WohLahme where Kangana had played Parveen Babi.According to Kangana’s sister Rangoli Mahesh Bhatt was upset as Kangana had said no to his offer for her to play a suicide bomber in a film called Dhokha. He therefore vented his anger with a chappal.

However sources very close to Mahesh Bhatt say no such incident happened.

“At least, not that Mahesh can remember. He is not one to fling things at people and that too at a film’s premiere. Kangana and her sister are making wild allegations at the entire industry. The Bhatt family seems a special area of target for the Ranaut sisters. They have already picked on Mahesh , his wife Soni, daughter Alia. The family is now waiting to see who’s next …maybe Mahesh’ elder daughter Pooja? Who knows, Pooja may have caused some offence some time in the past. We are all waiting to be pulled up and punished by Kangana and her sister,” a close friend of the Bhatts interjects sarcastically.

In the meanwhile it is reliably learnt that Mahesh Bhatt won’t defend himself against the ‘chappal’ allegation.

“Because he may end up being punished into walking barefoot for the rest of his life like M F Hussain . By the way, whom did Hussain Saab fling his chappal at?” a friend of Mahesh Bhatt wonders.

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