Mahira Khan Can’t Get Away From Bollywood

Just the other day  Mahira Khan told the BBC that Bollywood was never her priority. Now  in the trailer  of her  new Pakistani film 7 Din Mohabbat In(I swear,that’s what it’s called )Mahira is actually heard mouthing the corny “Lovemein no thank you  no sorry” line  from  Salman Khan’s Maine Pyar Kiya.

 This, just a few days after her video where she  is seen  mouthing Lata Mangeshkar’s Jahan bhi jaati hoon wohichale jaate ho from the Raj Kapoor-Nargis starrer Chori Chori.

 Evidently Mahira is far  from done with Bollywood.

I am sure Vishal Bhardwaj would love to cast Mahira in  the  sequel  to Rangoon.  He  has declared  in the Indian press that he “loves” Pakistan and that Fawad Khan is a  “superstar” in India.

I am sure  both Mahira and Fawad  would be cast  by Vishal Bhardwaj shortly,if  not in the same  film then separately.

In  the meanwhile  Mahira’s  friend Ranbir Kapoor’s father Rishi Kapoor has expressed  a yearning  to  visit Peshawar  the Pakistani town that the Kapoors originally  hailed from. I am sure  Mahira would love to take MrRishi Kapoor around whenever he  visits.

The  buzz is that the unofficial embargo  on  Pakistani  artistes working in Bollywood is likely to  be lifted.

A  source from the ruling  party informs, “There was  never a ban as such. It’s entirely up to Bollywood whether it wants to work with Pakistani artistes  or not.”

 This is a clear slackening  in  the determination to  keep the neighbours  out.

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