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Malang A Trailer That Is Disturbingly Surreal

The  trailer  of Mohit Suri’s Malang  is  like a  rollercoaster ride …on Speed. The images are deliberately done in distinctive blotchy colours to show  minds on the brink.Producer Luv Ranjan says Malang is the  most emotionally violent film he has  produced.After seeing the  trailer I have to agree.

There are no normal characters  in  Malang, at least none  is visible in  the tempestuous trailer. Each  of  the  four protagonists  played  by Aditya Roy Kapoor,Disha Patani, Kunal Khemmu and (above all) Anil Kapoor is  high on  life.  They jump off planes , they  whizz past  life in fast cars, they bathe themselves in bright  colours.

These are  characters who live in  the fast aand furious lane. I don’t know  what motivates their  ceaseless rush of  surplus adrenaline, maybe the realization that any of  the  fearless four can end up dead on the  slippery sidewalk.

Mohit Suri’s characters, be it Kunal Khemmu in Kalyug, Kangana Ranaut in WohLamhe, Emraan Hashmi in Awarapan, Aditya Roy Kapoor in Aashiqui  2,  Siddharth Malhotra in Ek Villain  or Rajkummar Rao in  Hamari Adhuri Kahani… these are unfinished people waiting to live out their lives  to  the fullest.

Aaditya Roy Kapoor’s stardom  began with Mohit Suri’s  Aashiqui  2. After seeing the trailer I have a feeling Malang will renew Roy’s stardom.For once  he seems  to be having fun with his nervous  anxious  part.

 There is  a delectable  unpredictability  about the characters as they become  locked in a karma over which they have no control.The  trailer reveals a unique garish colour palate:  pinks, purples,greens  , red…the  colours  of  fear and dread, none more dreadful than  Anil Kapoor whose  brash chilling cop-act would probably fetch him some  awards nominations next year.

As  for Aditya Roy Kapoor, this  is  his comeback film. Mercifully  he  doesn’t have much to say  in  the trailer except to ask his seductive  co-star what gives her sukoon.Her answer leaves  much to be  desired.

If  you  are sold  on sukoon(relief/ respite) then Malang may not be the  film you would want to relax with. It is a film with  a stormy countenance . The  character  are flawed fractured deperate,undependable. Not quite what you would expect from the  director  of Aashiqui 2.  

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