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Malayalam Jayasurya Starrer KATHANAR brings technology never before used in Indian cinema




Malayalam cinema is going from strength to strength.

The ambitious forthcoming Kathanar, which features the astonishing Jayasurya, riding high on the accolades of Amazon Prime Video’s Sunny, is a film using Virtual production technology aided by sophisticated workflows like Tech-Viz, Stunt-Viz & Post-Viz has begun.

Asset-creation process like full body 3D scans using 200DSLR camera photogrammetry rig and Vicon based infra-red biped motion capture have already been initiated. Hollywood films, Jungle Book and Lion King were the pioneers in using these technology before Kathanar.

Jayasurya says, “We are grateful to have an opportunity to bring these technologies used in international cinema to Malayalam cinema through Kathanar. Kathanar will be a global cinema that will integrate the technocrats in our country. The pre-production and principal photography of Kathanar will be completed in a year and will be released in seven languages.”

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