Mallika Sherawat Continues To Confuse


From  sneaking selfies  with the likes of Barack Obama and Antonio Banderas to deriding the status of  Indian women at a global forum…the lengths to which Mallika Sherawat has  gone to keep herself  in the news over the years  is  astonishing, not  only for the sustained life-span of her delusional stardom, but also  for the impact her attempts at selfpromotion has had on sections  of  the media in India which continues  to dutifully report her self-promotional  misadventures .

 The  latest Mallika salvo is her denial of a  BBC report claiming her French  “Husband” and Mallika owe truckloads of money for their rented home in Paris.

Mallika says she has neither a husband nor a home in Paris.

 If this is the case what was that about three armed men attacking her and her live-in partner at her apartment  in Paris is November  2016?

Either she was lying then  or she is lying now?  Or maybe she was being far from truthful  both the times? Who knows! Anything is possible with this delusional actress who came into the  industry with  a lie: that she was unmarried.

When in fact she had left a husband to pursue her dreams in Mumbai.

No harm in that except that the delusional  attitude to her career has continued over the years.In Bollywood her attempts at stardom have been met with dismay and  derision .Outside India  her films like Hisss and Republic Of Love were never released in movie theatres.

Today Mallika Sherawat’s career is defunct and as good as dead.Her starrer Dirty Politics  drove its producer-director K C Bokadia out of  the  Mumbai  film industry.She had no success at the  boxoffice since Anurag Basu’s Murder. But she will find some way of being in the news, no matter what  it takes.

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