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Mama Don’t Abuse ….Censor Board Finally Clears  IT With Just One Cut



Warner Brothers heaved a sigh of relief on Friday when the Central Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) restored all the cuts in the horror film IT, except one.

In a series  of rapid developments  over the last one week the CBFC had restored all the  cuts ordered by the Examining Committee. Then they got cold feet and revised their decision within 24 hours asking for three muted words, ‘pussy’,  ‘motherf…r’  and  ‘cunt’.

But now the CBFC has again revised its stance on it.

The  film has been ordered to mute only one word ‘motherf…”

Says a  source, “They CBFC agreed to restore all the cuts except the profanity that abuses the mother. You can’t do that in India. Can’t abuse mothers.That goes.All the rest of the unparliamentarylanguage stays.”

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