Manikarnika Producers On Life-Saving Ventilator, But It’s Not A Stroke Says Associate

 The   stress  of having to  produce a rudderlss controversial 100-crore budgeted  historical Manikarnika The Queen  Of Jhansi, has  taken its toll its on  its  young producer Kamal Jain.

According to sources,  Jain who is approximately  40 years old, is in the hospital after suffering a paralytic stroke.

Says  a source from the Queen  Of Jhansi team, “Kamal was suffering from vertigo. When he went  to get it  checked at  the hospital, he suffered a silent stroke. He was  on a ventilator. But he is off the  external respiratory machine now, and breathing on his own. He’s recovering. But it will take  him time to get back on its fact.”

 However  the  film’s  writer  Vijayendra Prasad  denies  that the producer has suffered a paralytic stroke. “He is  in hospital  , but it’s not a stroke. Kamal Jain got food into his lung while eating. He was  operated upon, and now he’s out of danger.”

How does this setback  affect  the  film’s  Friday release?

“The release  doesn’t get affected at all.Manikarnika  will  be in theatres on  Friday.  The sad thing is the producer  won’t be standing with us  during release  to enjoy the moment  .We’ve all worked hard to see Manikarnika through.  Kamal will miss out on the moment  we’ve all been waiting for. Hopefully he’ll be with us soon to celebrate  the  film’s  success,” says Vijayendra Prasad.

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