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Manisha Koirala: “I’ve Faced A Worse Storm Than The Corona”



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Manisha Koirala who bravely combated  cancer for two  years, says the Coronavirus doesn’t scare her. “I’ve  faced  a  worse  storm in my life. In comparison this seems  easy. I am calm . I am meditating. I am doing yoga.I am spending  time with my plants. I am connecting with Nature. After years we can  hear  birds chirping in Mumbai.I am spending time with my parents. I’ve never  felt so calm and at peace before.”

Manisha  says she  doesn’t miss the  presence  of  a male companion in her  life. “There  was a time when  I felt the  constant need to be in a relationship. But that has  changed over the  years. In  recent  years , after my  illness I’m happy to be on  on my own.  This is  a time when I am really getting to know  myself.”

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