Manisha Koirala Stands Up For Her favourite Director Bhansali

Manisha Koirala is very upset with the vandalism and assault that took place on the location for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati in Jaipur.

Still in disbelief over the ghastly incident Manisha says, “I can’t believe this can happen in this day and age of civilized interaction. If come people had an objection to the shooting they could have settled the matter with talks. Or they could’ve gone to court. Rather than discuss they got down to physical assault.I find this very disturbing. How  could this happen to an artiste of such extreme talent like SanjayBhansali?”

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Manisha is aghast at the lack of security for artistes in  this  country. “Anyone can barge in any time anywhere and do anything.It’s frightening.What happened to Sanjay should never have happened. He is a very intense and passionate artiste, I remember his passion duringKhamoshi: The Musical. We were on the same wave length throughout the film’s making. It was one of my most memorable experiences.”

After her illness Manisha has completed a thriller in Kannada and an experimental film Dear Maya in Hindi.She will now work on theSanjay Dutt bio-pic where she plays Nargis Dutt.

Says Manisha, “It is very important for me to work in the films that I believe in. I worked with dream directors like Sanjay Bhansali, ManiRatnam, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Raj Kumar Santoshi.Then I  did some really bad films in the 1990s.Failure  taught me to become cautious. Today I again working with a dream director Raj KumarHirani.”

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