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Manoj Bajpai Denies Working With Vijay Sethupathi



Vijay Sethupathi

I Don’t Know Where These Vijay Sethupathi Stories Are Coming From” 

Are the two great actors  Manoj Bajpai and  Vijay Sethupathi teaming  up  for   The Family Man 3? Vijay says no. Now Manoj also denies  it.

Says Manoj, “I  really don’t know where this is  coming from.  Vijay Sethupathi  is working with Shahid Kapoor in  Raj and DK’s  series .So maybe  people are confused.At  the  moment there is  no project  with Vijay Sethupathi.”

Vijay Sethupathi  is equally  perplexed. “I would  love to work with Manoj ji. But there is nothing with him  at the moment. About The Family Man season 3, I’ve no idea. I’m doing another series with Raj and DK.”

These  are conjectural  copies  concocted on  the desk when there  is no real action to report in the  entertainment business.

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