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Manoj Bajpai On Reports Of His Remuneration In Family Man



Manoj Bajpai

 Manoj Bajpai who is  currently  the hottest  star of  India,  thanks to the  sobering success   of  The  Family Man, is  downright  disgusted by  all the reports on his  “hiked” fee. Apparently he  was paid  10 crore rupees for  Season 2  of  The Family Man and he will now be paid  Rs20 crores  for season 3 when in fact the third season is not even officially sanctioned as  yet

Speaking on  the subject  exclusively and  clearing the air once  and for all  Manoj says, “Do you  have  any idea how  embarrassing it is to get  up in the morning to read  what  you are getting , and what you will get? I  don’t know where these  figures are coming from.I don’t know where this kind of information is  coming from. But  it is very offensive to me.”

Manoj lashes out at  the  culture  of if-you-got-it-flaunt-it.  “I am  not  the kind of person  who talks about the money he  makes, the  investments he makes and  property  he buys. It is insane  to flaunt  such personal details. This is  not me  and  it’s very embarrassing .This is  all I can say .And may I  request the media  not to speculate  about my  remuneration? There  is  no way  you can know what I make.”

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