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Manoj Cries Foul: “I Was Misquoted About Mr Nihalani”



Manoj Bajpai is aghast at the Pahlaj Nihalani’s response to unflattering remarks allegedly made by the actor about the chairperson of the CBFC.

In an  interview that appeared in the online edition of a leading newspaper  Manoj Bajpai was quoted as saying, “Guidelines keep getting interpreted by individual chairperson who sits on that chair and handles that position. But this time I think Mr Nihalani took it way too far. I think his time is getting over. Let him retire peacefully.”

Manoj now claims he never made the above statements. “I am not the kind to get judgmental on anyone’s life and career. Nor do I make disparaging remarks about any individual. I never said  any of the things I am supposed to have said about Mr Nihalani.I did speak up against censorial guidelines. Because what happened with Udta Punjab when it went for censor certification was very wrong. If  I have speak up again about the obsolete guidelines and the obdurate attitude of the  CBFC  I would do so again without hesitation.”


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