Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota Is A Manly Attempt To Define The Masculine Space

Star sons don’t necessarily get big ‘launch’ boxes packed lovingly by Daddy. Bhagyashee was once Salman Khan’s heroine. Remember her ‘No Sorry no thank you’ in Maine Pyar Kiya. Her son Abhimanyu Dassani makes his quirky debut as a boy-man who can’t any feel physical pain. The trailer has him bleeding through his head and nose as he walks down the street talking to us about the rare congenital disease that precludes pain.

The idea of not feeling any physical pain could serve as a decent metaphor for the desensitized times that we live in. But then I am not sure Vasan Bala who has served as an assistant on dark films like The Lunchbox and Raman Raghav, wants us to assess his film as anything but what it is: a film about a guy who can’t feel any pain.

The protagonist’s ambition, perhaps echoing the modest aspirations of the film’s debutant hero, are severely restricted. So I suspect, is the appeal of this whimsical piece of cinema which also stars the very watchable Radhika Madan.

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Abhimanyu and Radhika are childhood friends. She has seen him grow from pain to pain without feeling it. We see the defiant repudiation of pain in the film. But we aren’t really sure if the film would be a painless exercise. It seems to stretch one idea beyond endurance.

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