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Masaba Masaba Is Back With Another Season, And It’s Looking Good



Masaba Masaba

Call it a guilty pleasure.  But I quite liked the  first season  of Masaba Masaba, primarily  because Neena Gupta  and  Masaba Gupta were so convincing as mother and daughter.

I wonder why!

They are back doing what they are best at: squabbling  with one another over Masaba’s hormonal levels. This time the trailer indicates that the senior Gupta is also on a sexual rampage. We clearly see Ram Kapur  giving Ms Gupta  bedroomy looks . It all looks very  sexed-up and  mischievous.

Masaba’s  love interest  is the Kiwi actor  Aramaan Khera whom I remember seeing in something called Taish.In Masaba  Masaba  the young actors seem happy about  letting the two Guptas  take centrestage . Sometimes it good to just lie  back and enjoy being the  focus of  the female gaze.

Masaba Gupta says  she  is  happy to be back with another season of her self-projected series.  “It was so surreal to be filming Season 2, given the pandemic and all the things that have happened since season 1. It was special because this season has so many different tracks. It’s not just about my mom and I reclaiming our lives, it’s also about all these people around us coming into their own. Season 2 touched my heart in so many ways – it made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me feel warm on the inside and I hope it does exactly that to all the people who get to see this on Netflix on the 29th of July!”

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