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Massive Fall-Out: Star War between Allu Arjun & Ramcharan Teja!



Allu Arjun

 The  Telugu film industry is abuzz with rumours  of a massive fall-out between two prominent film families of  Andhra Pradesh.

Ramcharan Teja  and Allu Arjun who  once upon a time were  close friends and amicable rivals are  now openly  at war.  Friends  close to the  two families whisper of a brewing battle between the two almost-brothers, so much so that when  Allu Arjun recently celebrated  the  success  of  his latest release Ala VaikunthapurramulooRamcharan and his family were  missing  .Shocking, as Ram’s father Chiranjeevi has always treated  Allu Arjun  like his own son.

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Shedding light on the growing rift between  the two stars a  source in the know informs, “It has been growing for a long time. With Chiranjeevi  as his father, Ramcharan  feels he has a marked edge over Allu Arjun. However Arjun who  all along took Ramcharan Teja’s Big Brother role in his stride, now feels he has  raced ahead of  Ramcharan at the boxoffice, what with his latest film doing far better business than Ramcharan’s last.”

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 There  is also the additional  father factor. Ramacharan feels Chiranjeevi puts  his family  way ahead of  Allu Arjun or any other film family in Andhra.  Allu Arjun feels his father produced Allu Arvind is no less an achiever.

“The rivalry between  the two families has  reached a  point of no return. A  lot depends on  the maturity shown  by the two fathers to patch up the differences between the two families. Because otherwise Ram and Arjun are on a  rampage. They will stop at nothing in their mutual game of oneupmanship,” warns the knowledgeable  source.

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