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“Meera Is Neither A Prequel Nor A Sequel To Baby”, Taapsee Reveals All

Good things are finally happening to Taapsee Pannu’s career in Hindi cinema.While her latest film on release Pink is garnering glorious pre-release raves she has also  given consent to a film called Meera to be produced  by Neeraj Pandey.

The character will be based on the one that Tapsee played in Neeraj Pandey’s Baby, that of a deadly Indian intelligence officer who makes mincemeat of a terrorist in a hotel room.

Tapsee had to undergo rigorous training in action to get  the character right in Baby.She will have to work twice as hard on the stunts in Meera, as  the film targets itself as the first true action film with a female hero…Akira, please move over.

Says Tapsee, “I am really excited about Meera.A lot of people felt my character in Baby had potential for development.”

However the spunky actress clears the air about the relationship between Baby and Meera. “While my character is going to be taken from Baby, Meera is neither a prequel nor a sequel to Baby, as reported. It’s part of the Babyfranchise.But it’s going to be an independent film , though the character is derivative.”

Meera will be directed by Shivum Nair, best known for his documentary on the serial killer Raman Raghav.


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