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Meet The New Media-Friendly Ranbir Kapoor

By A Correspondent

Good news for the paparazzi in Mumbai. Ranbir Kapoor has stopped sulking with the media. This is a markedly different attitude to the sullen ill-tempered impatient attitude Ranbir had towards the media in recent times.

On one recent occasion he was seen snatching a television journalist’s camera and driving off into the night. On another occasion he was  caught on camera shouting  at the paparazzi for following him around.

The media-hostile Ranbir Kapoor is now a thing of the past. Suddenly he is seen interacting with media persons , laughing and joking with them and answering all their questions with a smile.

A source close to the actor   reveals, “He was always like this. Very  friendly and respectful towards the media. He had become guarded during his relationship with Katrina  because he had to make sure he didn’t say anything she didn’t like.”

Blaming bad behaviour on a relationship that has now ended is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It is doubtful whether Katrina imposed her opinions on the media on Ranbir at any point of time. A more feasible explanation for his changed attitude to the press is the decline in his boxoffice rating after Bombay Velvet.

Ranbir can’t afford to piss off the media.


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