Meghna Gulzar’s Deep Connection With Karan Johar

They’ve created a kind of history together with Raazi. But Karan Johar who has co-produced Meghna Gulzar’s hit film Raazi was always close to the Gulzar Saab’s daughter through Meghna’s mother Raakhee .

Says a source close to the family, “Raakheeji was very close to Karan Johar’s father, the kind and generous Yash Johar. He was always there for her if she needed any help. Because of his warm regards for Raakheejii Yash Johar agreed to produce a film for Megha’s father Gulzar Saab to direct. ButGulzar Saab wanted to make Mirza Ghalib , and Yash Johar saw no commercial potential in it. So they couldn’t work together. But look at destiny. Many decades later Yash Johar’s son and Gulzar Saab’s daughter have collaborated over a hit film.”

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