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#MenToo Gathers Momentum…Esha Gupta Sued For Defamation From The Man She Accused Of Raping Her With His Eyes



This was bound to happen. Actress Esha Gupta who had recently  vilified abused and heckled  a  businessman  RohitVig for allegedly  “raping” her with his eyes at a restaurant in Delhi, has slapped  a defamation suit against  the actress  accusing her of  maligning his name  without discernible  provocation.

The defamation  suit   filed  through  lawyer Vikas Pahwa  , declares, “The mental agony caused to the complainant is continuing every day since close friends and colleagues are contacting him and his family on a continuous basis and expressing displeasure over the content posted by the accused….many members of the public have been expressing doubts on the integrity and moral character of the complainant believing the false and defamatory statements to be true,” the plea read further.”

 While  one  completely condemns any sort of sexual  misconduct  and stands by any genuine victim of  the same  it was  baffling to see an empowered celebrity  ranting about being stared at by a man sitting in a restaurant  sitting at  a table next to  hers.

Singer-actor Karan Oberoi who recently had to face a month-long jail-term for alleged sexual misconduct alleged by  a woman who later staged her own attack to prevent Oberoi’s bail feels the MenToo movement will brake the trend of arbitrary  accusations  against men.

Says  Karan Oberoi, “It was something that was bound to happen .You can’t tarnish a man’s reputation that he has built all his life , by using his pic to name and shame him , without him having a chance to give his response.Shocking!”

Oberoi rightly feels the matter could  have been  resolved in a far  more civil manner than the  abusive tone Ms Gupta  adopted on  the social media. “This could very well have been sorted out , by speaking to him and making your displeasure known , and complaining to the right authority at the hotel to investigate the matter ,  or including the cops , if you felt that the offence was of that serious nature .Ms Esha Gupta is a strong , empowered woman, who speaks her mind effectively and strongly, and that would have been a more appropriate response in my opinion.”

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