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#MeToo Forgotten, Bollywood Celebrates Vikas Bahl, Mukesh Chabra



On Sunday afternoon, Farah Khan, known for her  hospitality and  yummy food , invited   20 of her friends for an afternoon filled  with  delicious food and delectable  gupshup to celebrate  the  success of   the Vikas Bahl-directed Super  30.

Apart  from the  hit film’s  leading man  Hrithik Roshan, present among the  invitees were  director Vikas Bahl and  casting director Mukesh Chhabra. Both share  a common karma  of being accused of sexual harassment  in the stormy MeToo movement  that erupted last  year.

It seems  to have  died a quiet death.  Farah’s guest list  is proof of it. According to a friend of  the choreographer-filmmmaker, “They were only waiting for Super 30 to be released  to  let Vikas Bahl and Mukesh Chhabra(who is the  film’s casting director) to come  out of hiding.”

Farah’s luncheon approval of the MeToo accused duo is proof of  how discredited  the 2018 Movement stands in 2019.

Incidentally  Farha’s own brother Sajid Khan was one of the most prominently accused  in  the MeToo movement. We hear he will gradually start making public appearances  too  in the  near future , with or without his  high-profile  sister’s social  support.

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