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MeToo Movement Hits A Low With Reema Kagti Being Called Out



It is a lowdown innuendo  to suggest that director Reema Kagti “harassed” her  leading lady Mouni Roy during the making of the Akshay Kumar  starrer Gold.

Thankfully  Ms Roy quickly hit back and  debunked this  preposterous allegation while another  actor worked in the  film now defends  Reema’s reputation.

“That we  should even be speaking of ‘defending’ Reema M’aam’s reputation is s crying shame.She is one  of  the most professional  directors  I’ve worked with.She  is interested  nothing beyond her work. Between shots she doesn’t gossip with her actors. Throughout the making  of the  film she kept to herself.And now when Reema  M’aam has come forward  to  lend her name to a petition in support of  the MeToo movements(a letter signed by a group of eminent female directors pledging not to work with proven sexual offenders) someone comes up with this  wild allegation? Not done,” says  the actor.

This actor wants to keep his defence of his director anonymous because , “If I name myself I’d be shamed for  crimes I  wouldn’t imagine committing. It’s a terrifying  scenario out there. The accused  must take the accusation quietly and  anyone defending the accused automatically becomes  vulnerable to attack.”

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