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MeToo Pioneer Tanushree Dutta Has No Takers In Bollywood



Shocking,  but true. Tanushree Dutta who brought  the MeToo movement into Bollywood by being the first female actor to  speak out against sexual harassment  by a senior actor, has  no takers in Bollywood.

Some  time ago Tanushree who  was  an active actor in Bollywood from 2005 to  2010, made her desire to make   a comeback,

However  sources say  no one is willing to work with Tanushree as she has been labeled a  “trouble maker” after her allegations of harassment against  Nana  Patekar.

A  leading  producer with a plethora of  projects on  the anvil says he would not just think twice but a multiple  times  before casting Tanushree. “She wiped out Nana Patekar’s  career . The thought  of working with her  is scary. Actor technicians they all would be nervous around her wondering how to behave in a proper manner,” the producer  says nervously.

Sadly Tanushree who  left India in 2010 to make the US her home remains workless in Bollywoodwhile those  accused  of  sexual harassment are busy working round-the-clock.

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