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Michel Morrone & Karan Johar? Forget It!



Michel Morrone & Karan Johar? Forget It! 4

Have you wondered where rumours  about international  casting come  from? Certainly not  from the star who is  supposed to be cast.  Lately there is a rumour that Pakistan’s  Fawad Khan will be seen  in  the Marvel series. Have  you seen one  statement from  Mr Khan  confirming this   story?

Speaking of  Fawad  who  came to Bollywood  with  Khubsoorat  and left with  Kapoor  and Sons,and was mentored  in Bollywood  by Karan  Johar   there is  a sensational rumour  of another male pinup star, this  one  from Italy being brought to India  by  Karan  Johar.

We  are talking  about  the 365 Days superstar Michel  Morrone. Careless whispers  suggest  Morrone is  coming to  India,  via Karan Johar’s Dharmatic Entertainment.

“All  khwabi pulao(made up),” says  source  in the know.  “There has been  no talk with this Italian star. Where does  such a rumour come  from? Dharmatic has  been  inactive  for  over  a month  ever since Rajeev Masand  who helms  Dharmatic  was  in  the hospital  with Covid. He  was  critically ill and on ventilator. Now  he’s much better.”

We  wonder who has been  cooking up these stories and for what  purpose . Those who are  behind this rumour should ask themselves, what can  Bollywood give  Morrone  and  what can he give  to Bollywood?

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