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“In Minutes The Entire Set Was Burnt Down,” Nagarjuna On The Fire That Ravaged His Family Studio On Monday Night



Call it a quirk of fate or  a cruel game  of  destiny, but just a day after Telugu superstar Nagarjuna threw a massive wedding reception for his  son Naga Chaitanya and daughter-in-law Samantha  Ruth Prabhu, a massive fire gutted an entire set at Nagarujana’s  family studio Annapurna Studios.

Sobered and yet undaunted by the tragedy the ever-equanimous Nag says, “Just a day earlier we were all in a clebratory mood. Now…this…More than a financial loss this is an emotional blow. The set that got gutted  was where my father shot his last film with me and the family. It  was a historical set, in more ways than one. Not only does it carry the legacy of my family but it was set for an elaborate  costume-historical drama, and housed rare artifacts and decoration piece, all gone now. But never mind.”

Nag was  present at  Annapurna Studios when tragedy struck. “I was  in one wing where  the editing-room is , editing my son Akhil’s forthcoming film when I  was informed  about the fire. It  spread in three minutes and  it was all over in fifteen minutes. That’s life, I guess. In minutes you lose something precious and valuable.”

But  the family is far from distressed. “We are okay. We are fine. We are relieved that there was  no loss or damage to human life. If someone  had been  injured in the fire, I’d have been devastated . Luckily we lost only the set, which is  completely destroyed. But nothing can take away the memory of the time our family including my children spent on that set, and of course the love and  concern that  is pouring in after the fire is just so overwhelming.”

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