23rd October 2020

Mirzapur Cast Already On To Season 3, Budget & Principal Actors’ Fee Doubled

 It can now be told. Yes, there will be  a third season  of Mirzapur,  the  Amazon Prime  series that has broken all records  among the webseries of India by becoming the  most watched Indian  digital series  of all times.

 Pankaj Tripathi who plays  the  patriarch in a family  of political  assassins  says  he  has never  seen such  craze  for  any  of his  serials or films before this. “The  curiosity and excitement for the sequel to Mirzapur was beyond anything I’ve seen. Anywhere that I went I was asked  about ‘Kaleen Bhaiyya’  the  character  I play in  Mirzapur2.I haven’t encountered such  curiosity for any  of my other  characters.”

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 The  craze  for the  other  characters in  Mirzapur is also beyond anything we’ve seen on  the  OTT platform.Sources  from Amazon Prime  reveal that  the  budget for Mirzapur  2 was  more than  twice what  it was  for  the  first reason.

“Every principal actor has been  paid  nearly double  of what he  got  in the  first season.Characters like Kaleen Bhaiya, Guddu   and Munna(played by  Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal and  DivyenduTripathi) are more popular than large-screen heroes in high-budget action films,” comments  a source.

 While the  first season of Mirzapur was budgeted a  meager  Rupees  12  crores,  the budget  for Mirzapur  2 is  nearly 60 crores, and Season  3’s  budget will be  hiked by at least 30 percent.


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