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Misbehaviour On Film Sets Is No Uncommon Occurrence

While we debate the pros and cons of Salman Khan’s statement comparing wrestling with rape,

it must be pointed out that Bollywood is no stranger to misogyny. Salman Khan’s remark on rape which has triggered off nationwide outrage is being  treated as “harmless” by his friends in the entertainment industry.

If the truth be told misbehavior with women on the sets is not only prevalent it’s also encouraged at times by starlets and out of work actresses, or by successful actresses who are afraid of getting in the bad books of big male stars.

Years ago a starlet called Sabiha (yesteyears’ actress Amita’s daughter) was allegedly heckled and teased  on the sets of a film Anokha Rishta by superstar Rajesh Khanna and director I V Sasi .When Sabina went to the press her career was terminated.

Nana Patekar allegedly misbehaved with actress Tanushree Dutta while shooting for a film.She had the guts to protest.But her career faded away.

Recently a ballsy actress known for her bold roles and statements was propositioned by her co-star.When she snubbed him he began harassing on the sets.

No one protested when he humiliated her on the sets.

An actress comments, “It’s man’s world in this industry. Actors sit with their cronies on the sets discussing women’s anatomy and what they’d like to do with it it.Given the scenario Salman’s rape comment is not really a big deal.We’ve seen and heard much worse.”

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